Welcome to our research supervision pages. 

This resource is for supervisors and doctoral students, but also provides interesting information for colleagues who work alongside doctoral candidates, who mentor them or help to support their research. Much of the content is applicable to DPhil/PhD supervision across academia, although some is specific to the University of Oxford.

Here you will find answers to your questions as a new supervisor or learn what to expect as a student; as you proceed, the site can guide you as your responsibilities develop or your research progresses. It provides easy access to University policies and offers personal strategies which relate to doctoral supervision: from establishing and maintaining a good relationship to managing the process leading to completion of the degree. Likewise, there are ideas for improving practice, and summaries of research connected to each topic.

Discussions with Directors of Graduate Studies, supervisors and students have guided the choice of material provided. We use research findings to inform the advice given and quote extensively from research carried out at the Learning Institute (from 2007 and ongoing).

Unless otherwise stated, the words of doctoral students and supervisors quoted on these pages are extracted from interviews carried out by members of the Oxford Learning Institute, helped by doctoral students.